Product Pricing

Choosing your treasures may be harder than you think. We've got custom announcements and cards, standard prints, mounted prints, elegant canvas wraps, and more. In addition to what's listed here, we also offer prints on metals, photo albums, jewelry, coffee mugs, cell phone covers, tablet cases, and other gift items. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us. We'll be happy to provide an estimate. But for the standard items, here's a price list to get you started.


*Prices listed do not include session fees which are paid separately prior to photo shoot.



Right now, CDs are all the rave - and that's okay with us, if that's okay with you. We prefer ordering from our high-quality specialty labs for their experience in working with professional photographers to produce color-calibrated prints and products that reflect the excellent nature of the artwork they represent. However, if you prefer to take your images to a local printer or order products, we are happy to offer images on CD with a print release. Your CD includes up to 10 edited images with print release for $150.00. Please inquire about per-image price for additional images.



Prints with prices shown are photos printed on standard photo paper with a glossy finish. Upgrade options are available such as machine textured finishes, spray texture finishes, or metallic photo paper for a super sheen with an almost 3-D color appeal. Please let us know if you'd like an estimate on upgraded prints.

Wallets: Set of 8 $9.99
4 x 5 $3.99
4 x 6 $4.14
5 x 7 $6.99
8 x 10 $9.99
10 x 13 $16.99
11 x 14 $19.99




Mounts can come in any size, but are standard for prints sized 11 x 14 and larger. If you need a size other than what is listed below, please let us know. We're happy to custom-tailer an estimate for your unique needs.

Mounting is a black sintra board to which the printed photo is mounted. The sintra mount keeps the larger sized image from wrinkling, warping, or slipping, slouching, or drooping in its frame. Another advantage to the mounts is that your frame does not require glass, allowing the full quality of the image to shine through free of glass reflections or fingerprints.


11 x 14 $47.99
16 x 20 $94.99
16 x 24 $122.99
20 x 24 $137.99
24 x 30 $196.99

Canvas Wraps


Gallery Canvas Wraps do not need frames. The images are printed directly to stretched canvas which is then wrapped around a frame designed to mount the image to the wall. Gallery wraps are beautiful as single large statement pieces, or as smaller collections. Canvas wraps are an artistic statement that add a touch of fine elegance to any atmosphere.


8 x 10 $151.99
11 x 14 $179.99
16 x 20 $255.99
16 x 24 $276.99
20 x 24 $320.99
24 x 30 $409.99
24 x 36 $482.99
30 x 40 $549.99